Community Share Space

I don’t think anyone can build a community. Community is an idea; a feeling; an agreement; a choice. It’s sweet, satisfying and tenuous and only lasts as lightly and long as it is respected or everyone’s needs are met. It’s an investment that takes time, effort and patience. When I came here, I knew a little bit about how to do it but I learned most of what I know from the individuals who come to visit, participate and play. Thank you for journeying with me. Welcome to my Smile Within Yoga website. Please peruse at your own pace and reach out if you are wanting to connect.

Our yoga classes are unique, essential and deigned to create harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit. As these aspects of ourselves align, the practice organically influences your daily life, relationships and work environment. Our sessions are specifically designed to support your needs at that point in time, whilst tending to a space that honours the relationship with your body as it changes. You will explore breath work, asanas, somatic release, healing, emotional, spiritual and self awareness, meditative practices and chanting to gently gain states of homeostasis. If you recognise that this is needed for you come join us.

Much love Selina Stewart