1:1 Session

1:1 Sessions with Selina

"Yoga for me is an expression of life and life has many seasons, being incubation, creation, sustenance, dissolution, death and more. Navigating the seasons that we find ourselves in becomes your art and your super power towards assisting the universal flow and exchange that unfolds within your unique experience. I am so grateful to practice and share these ancient teachings and techniques and build our yoga community. Whilst encouraging and supporting the individual to develop the practice of self enquiry and allowing them to truly nourish through movement, breath, chanting/sound, relaxation/meditation and deep rest. These evidence based Yogic practices facilitate nervous system healing and health and deepen the connection and engagement with self. My aim is to instil and restore peace, balance and joy within therefore giving individuals the best opportunity to reach their full physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential throughout their journey of life."

Yoga designs your life, such a powerful thing who really wouldn’t want that? Your life has a grand design and each pose has an intricate part to its expression and manifestation. An invitation to practice with a willing and patient heart, so if your feeling the calling for a 1:1 session with me I would love to hear from you.

Deeper inner peace can be experienced by simply letting the breath bring you back to the present moment with more acceptance to what is arising and passing.

Feeling safe, seen and heard is essential to our physiological, emotional and mental wellbeing - and gives us room to explore our deeper connection to life and it's sacredness.