Am I listening

Yoga has taught me many things but one in particular that I find myself refining and instilling throughout my teachings is how to really listen. Not to just listen with the ears but to listen with the body to listen with the heart to listen with the soul. I have been pondering over a moment of connection I had with my youngest son last night. It really moved me. Also I want to share my son hasn't been home for over 5 weeks as he wanted to live with his dad full time and he came back sharing that he missed us (myself, brother, step sister and step mum, two dogs & two cats) I found his return very pleasant, he seems grounded, present, more available, that's how I felt to be with him and this is a big change as he was the complete opposite prior to leaving. We where chatting about sickness and disease and the things that we can do to take care of our bodies. He said ' Mum I reckon in the future there will be a cure for sickness and things like cancer" I found this insightful from my 13yr old and a great statement to influence external manifestation. I then responded with - maybe we already have the cure but we just must listen. This is what I find interesting where did that come from and what within me was compelled to say this with such discretion? To truly listen is something I am still practicing so I definitely have not mastered but this has gotten me to ask if we really are genuine seekers the answers will come, but are we really ready to listen.

Posted 05 September 2019