As a teacher of yoga the practice is so broad but the foundations are solid and a superlative entry point into the self. Climbing among the yoga practices is many false misleading ideas that will be wanting  your attention and to claim in on this ancient design and do not be misguided. The superlative entry point is a personal practice within itself and has always been that, NOT through the teacher, the knowledge, the article, the books, the information. All can be of assistance but never the answer. No one can claim in or on these foundations as it is for everyone to access and all you need is your mind (consciousness) and your body to take the journey. You can begin today, right now. First bring awareness and understanding to your weaknesses and then you can bring awareness and understanding to your strengths. Be still and meditate, be in process, be of movements, poses and alertness and continue daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The climbing is above the misguided to self-realization.

Posted 14 October 2019