A quote a friend sent got me contemplating. This is the quote - Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth. This resonates with me, how about you? Really this quote this wording is just another way at looking and perceiving discomfort in a positive way. And positivity is an attitude, one that is cultivated throughout our life's experiences. You can go the opposite way and see this completely different. It is now proven through evidence base physics that you can grow parts of the brain and the part I want to touch on is the amygdala, as this piece of the brain behind the left eye can be strengthened to grow joy and when this happens we secrete happy hormones like dopamine in the body. These hormones influence the emotional state and as a person experiences life's struggles, challenges, discomfort and grievances they will display or express a more optimistic viewpoint throughout that period. I have been told this part of the brain first begins to develop from the age of 9 months. For some this may have been very limited depending on who is parenting the infant and its environment. As we age this part of the brain maybe very under developed so strengthening it may take longer than others who already have established a strong joy brain.  Practicing things that express joy strengthen the joy brain and remember the brain can not identify whether it is true joy or not, so at first it may feel like you are faking it. Ways to strengthen the left amygdala is to try ; laughter, you can just start now. I first I began this through laughter yoga techniques, playing a game that you find fun, like hand ball, a board game or even creating shapes with your body that feel playful, that evoke that childlike feeling within you, meditation and breathing exercises. We all have a brain and a body and they all work in similar ways on many levels, so may you learn skills on how yours works so you can take care of the effective functionality it possesses. 

Posted 20 November 2019