Enjoy the Ride

It has taken a long time to finally put myself and my writing out into the public arena like this. I really am not concerned with what others may think of me, its more what I think of myself, the naaasty self judgement that poisons this inner inquiry and expression.  I definitely felt more comfortable to write in my journals with my pens that would shit me off as they would run out of ink when I had a spilling of words onto the pages. Why did I hide for so long? I felt I had to be perfect and as I write this I can still feel the grasping of this idea of who I think I need to be. To be perfect with my punctuation, my spelling, my mashing of words that try to describe my inner discoveries. So that's what had stopped me, but I declare no longer. Fuck it! I'm ok with not being perfect, with not knowing it all and definitely not having my shit together all the time. Here I am :) naked lol. MMMMWHA! Hope you enjoy the ride.

Posted 03 September 2019