The emotions I feel are real and true for me, just as yours are for you. My process to feel with more fluidity is something I am learning. This can be challenging at times to own them fully as I have found comfort in the past to denying them or distracting them with a habit that no longer serves me. Im no longer drinking, I no longer take drugs, I no longer gamble or shop unconsciously, I even no long binge on food or starve myself. Now I am left with many practices that have lead me to be with my feelings and process them from a space of witnessing, sharing and experiencing them as they come and go with a sense of fluidity. My emotional state is never fixed but always fluid as I become more open to feel them. Whatever it is attachment, fear, sadness, exhaustion, playfulness, peace they are all worthy and help my understanding to who I am and what I am at the core of my experiences. 

Posted 04 November 2019