Are you using yours? Imagination is an internal playground that provokes interest for the individual. There is a story of Albert Einstein being interviewed and a child asked Einstein how do I get as smart as you? Einstein responds "read more fairy tales." Another child comes and says ''Einstein, no really how do I get as smart as you'' and again His response is " Like I said to the last child read more fairy tails." This very statement implies on applying a method of practice to initiate a particular response for the individual to access functions (neocortex, thalamus, consciousness, abstract thought) of the brain that stimulates the Imagination. The imagery, the tv of the mind is where it all begins. We are all born with this creative ability to wonder into the mind of illusion but along the way the conditioning, external influences and beliefs of others have stifled the playful aspect of imagination. This very intrinsic part of being human can benefit the way we live and experience life and a fundamental attribute to your very own potential. Imagination helps with social interaction, enhancing your problem solving skills, development of self-confidence, preserver of memory, boosts emotional intelligence and assisting the desire to manifest your dreams. Today I play with the imagination, delighting into the feelings and sensations that the creative mind desires to express.

Posted 18 September 2019