Gathering some new insight on my own purpose. Its interesting to lock in what I think it is and then in an instant it changes. Nothing is ever fixed, it is universal law that everything is always in process. My purpose right now is being in congruence with divine. This is not just directed within my rituals of practice, within the sadahana practice but within all that I do. Be it on the mat and off my mat, in my seated meditation and the meditation as I move about my day. Does this make sense? A great yogini Indu Arora shares her journey of awakening the true self through the practices and a development of congruence with this true  self in all that you be and do. Therefore moving beyond the discipline of the practices to an embodiment of true self always. Always learning from great teachers to explore my own discoveries. For me my purpose changes. I don't wish to fix it to anything in particular but I do wish to share that I experience purpose in moments of connection with the present moment, with feeling another's suffering and light, with the ability to tap into joy and gratitude, with being available fully, with responding and engaging honestly. This all and more can be of purpose in purpose for me. 

Posted 23 October 2019