Our actions are not defined as being right or wrong, this is about choice and what will this choice create. Would you say its our individual and collective responsibility to take care of our mental affairs. For this we must understand the functionality of our minds to access the abilities and capabilities that is required in cleaning up the bodies internal pollution (my creative expression with words). Just as we are learning to respond to the pollutants within the rivers, oceans, land and air. Join me on a mission/journey/adventure/ride in acquiring less mental health crises and acquiring more mental health liberties. There is significance in conversations on mental health, so no more fluff, suppression, ignorance or stigma. We are all walking each other home when you are ready of course. If your feeling that calling towards transformation the teacher will present themselves and remember our teachers come in many forms. Don't always think they are coming in a robe wearing prayer beads. When I started to care about my mental affairs there was a lot of resistance and I was very stubborn. I hated to be told what to do and how to do things. I also had an old program of always needing to do it on my own because my way was better. Maybe once this served me well but as I grow this thought habit held me back from receiving more of what I desired. I understand at the best of times now that my mind doesn't lead me to the healthiest choices and so It has been a slow developing of body wisdom through particular practices that I experience insight and the answers I require in such moments.  Truly thankful for having many teachers to walk with me along the way. Blessings 

Posted 07 October 2019