To be or not to be

Feeling more introverted today, a season I have found myself in before and a season I call incubation. There is some familiarity as I observe, listen, feel and sense to navigate my emotions in a more innate way. Noticing the changes where I no longer feel a strangling urge or see this moment of experiencing as a problem that needs fixing or solving or that there is something wrong with me and attaching a story and particular thoughts that cannot always be trusted as truthful because they create disconnection to the intelligence of my emotions and the instinct of my body. So now here where I am, I can be and see this as just a space to tread gently to listen for the callings of my bodies needs and surrender to the nature of human reflections and expressions. I m not escaping from what I am called to do but being here completely and  openly for as I walk this more gentle path than maybe you can too.

Posted 30 September 2019