What are you storing?

The body has become a storehouse for our life's experiences, being positive or negative. My question is what have you being storing? As we move through our daily experiences some of which we are storing becomes detrimental to our physical, emotional and mental stability and other experiences can be beneficial to these elements and aspects of our human conditions. Yoga is a tool to look within yourself and see what has been hidden so you can tend to your bodies needs. As you begin this journey you will discover the accumulation of more beneficial factors that influence the storehouse, therefore the feeling of your personal body and universal body. It becomes a ripple affect the more of what you are storing being release, comfort, ease, clarity or stress, tiredness, restlessness. Take 5 mins today to pause, find stillness, focus on the breath and wonder within sourcing feelings that create much ease for you.

Posted 11 September 2019