Where are we now where are we headed

It seems unknown and uncertain at these times in life, where we get a dramatic shake up from our day to day living. It could be many things that bring these moments of change and reassessment as we are pulled to other forms of doing the past normality to find a new normality. I still am unsure of how this looks but it sure does feel different, it sure does feel challenging at times as I am in a way pushed to do differently because what I was doing I cannot no longer. At times I feel myself pretending it isn't really happening and at times I feel like its all a fucking dream and none of this really matters. But I am very much reassured by the quietness and presence of a greater force that it all matters, I matter,  you matter and all that is happening matters as this is the changing present moment preparing for what is to come. This force is bigger than myself  it is bigger than my thoughts can comprehend. I feel  the aliveness and force breathing through me as me, I feel in nature, in the wind, in the rolling waves. Can you feel it?

Posted 25 March 2020