Yoga classes

Beginners and advanced students welcome! It is always recommended to go at your own pace as you explore safe ranges of movement in your body.


Joint mobility class

Most of us struggle to see improvement in ‘strength’ based yoga postures because we don’t spend enough time building up the correct muscle groups.

By practicing this ‘Joint Mobility’ yoga class, you’ll notice an immediate gain of confidence in addition to a steady build-up of strength needed to propel your practice to a new level.

 You can expect to work on repetitive movements to strengthen muscle, fascia and tendons that are supporting the joints within the upper, middle and lower body.

This all-levels class will focus more on the ‘fitness’ side of yoga by incorporating some props/equipment and body weight. You can easily modify the level of intensity by going at your own pace and exploring alternative options. A mini meditation in closing the session allows the body and mind to switch on for your day


Yin Dive

This is a delicious, gentle and nurturing Yin infused yoga session. This class explores modified and restorative postures with the use of props, bolsters, blocks and straps. Awareness of the breath is essential as one explores stillness for periods of time throughout the duration of postures. Enabling the joints to release and lubricate, while assisting alignment of the spine and a deep stretch of the fascia. This is a gentle introduction to lean into our discomfort as we learn to deepen our self understanding and recognising that we also have the choice to lean out and re-group as here in the practice we develop self-trust and inner safety. Choice becomes liberating and this yoga practice will leave the body, mind and soul aligned, relaxed and renewed.

Hatha Yoga

The nature of the Hatha practice is to balance out the sun and moon energies within ourselves and as you allow the mind to melt into the heart you find momentum and ease into a dynamic flow practice.  Exploring your range of movement and led by a calm present breath assists you to tap into courage, strength and grace. Resting in a lengthy guided relaxation as you integrate the benefits of the practice. Closing with a gentle head massage which incorporates the use of lush essential oils to sooth the senses.  Leaving this class, you will discover a sense of peace and your body will be feeling radiant with health. 

Hatha In The Park

Surrounded by natures healing elements allow the mind to surrender into the heart exploring momentum and ease into a balanced flow practice. You will find the calling of nature under the giant fig trees calming while creating some warmth in the body with a safe range of movement and led by a rhythmic present breath assists you to tap into courage, strength and grace. Resting in a lengthy guided relaxation as you integrate the benefits of the practice. 

Flow and Hold

This is a Vinyasa flow class with a twist. 

Let your body be moved and navigated through various asanas with the breath as your guide. Enable yourself to then pause and find stillness in certain postures to explore where you can go deeper within, as you bring total awareness to the body as a whole.

 Mindful Meditation

Tune your attention inward whilst being guided through the bodily sensations, breath and arising thoughts and feelings. Gain great insight into the nature of your mind, the neurological pathways and how these connect and influence your state of being. Every meditation is different as you develop moments of stillness within the fluctuations of your experience and awaken to a state of presence and expansiveness. Leave bathed in calmness with a sense of ease, peace and clarity.