Selina - Owner/Founder, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

At the age of 17, I was living a life filled with dysfunctional choices that abused my body, self-respect and mental wellbeing. While living on a 210 acre property down south in a beautiful town called Bellingen in NSW, a trip to the library saw me borrow a Jane Fonda video about yoga. This was the start of positive changes in my life. The first time I did yoga poses (Asanas) there was a sense of connection with my body that I had not felt before. As the months progressed I noticed my strength and calmness growing and my self-worth increasing. I developed a strong desire to learn more about the practice of yoga and how it could help my body function, both internally and externally; whilst influencing my mind and thoughts. 

I am a fully qualified Hatha yoga teacher with 20 years experience. The knowledge I have gained through a regular disciplined practice, consistent reading, continual study and assistance from mentors, has helped me to develop a rich, expansive skill set. I  also teach laughter yoga, lead chanting workshops and am a wellness advocate, grateful to share the many life changing benefits that holistic practices offer. 

“Yoga for me is an expression of life. I am so grateful to practice the teachings and techniques of yoga in my daily life and share these with others.

My goal is to empower and support others through the practice of yoga, allowing them to truly connect with their true self through movement of the body, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices. Developing and restoring peace, balance and joy within, gives individuals the best opportunity to reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential throughout their journey of life.”

I love the dynamics and energy of group classes as well as one on one sessions to go deeper into the practice and focus on a students individuals needs.

Yoga is for anyone and everyone! It is designed to work with the mechanics and energy systems of the body whilst exploring the methodology of the practice. I am here to support you on your  journey. If you have any questions please contact for further information. :-)


Julia - Yoga Instructor

I first started Yoga 8 years ago to strengthen my back and neck muscles as I’ve always suffered from migraines and it came from these places in my body. For me it was a complete physical experience that I loved because I felt myself getting stronger. Throughout both of my pregnancies I continued with my practice, still completely focused on the physical side. Little did I realize that the breathing techniques and the letting go of the mind would actually get me through my labour.

After my son was born, I needed to find something for me again, I had an urge to study and Yoga was what allowed me to find strength not only physically but now as a whole. The feeling I get when I do my daily practice is always different – some days I have my kids on my jumping on my back while I’m in Child's pose, other days I am able to mentally tune out to where I need to be right in that moment.

That’s what I love about MY yoga journey, it is always changing, challenging, yet always nourishes me to exactly the place I need.

I completed my 200  hour Yoga teacher training course in 2015 at Being Yoga, earning my qualification in Vinyasa, Pranayama and Meditation. I completed further studies in Yoga for back care in 2016.

My passion is teaching Beginner’s yoga. I enjoy feeling that connection with the student; from the start of their yogic path, while watching and helping plant the seeds for their growth and discipline.

For me yoga started as just a physical ‘hobbie’, but what I found enlivens my whole life experience to a deeper level, creating new and positive meaning to my life.



Eleisha - Yoga Instructor

I first came across yoga when I was 18 and I practiced on and off over 8 or so years but never really got the concept, I would literally go to a yoga class at the gym and then the first thing I would do is walk out and light a cigarette. It wasn't until I had my daughter and a year after she was born I was struggling with post natal depression that my love of yoga really came about. After being told by numerous doctors to just take anti-depressants as the solution, I needed to find a way that allowed me to really process my emotions and learn how to live life in a more balanced and healthy way and that's when I started my yoga teacher training. 

I originally went to do the teacher training not to teach but I just wanted to dive deep and gain a greater understanding of my mind, my spirit and forge a new relationship with my body. I completed my 200 hour teacher training in December 2014 and then went on to do another 300 hours completing that in June 2018, in the same year I also completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage.

I teach yoga and have taught yoga in so many different places from studios, to gyms to schools and festivals. I also massage and teach up at a mental health retreat during the week. I am currently studying my diploma in Mental Health and are also currently undertaking another 200 hours teacher training in Kundalini yoga.

Yoga creates connection, connection to your body and learning to listen when it talks to us through sensation, connection to the mind, helping us to become more aware not just of our thoughts but the quality of these thoughts and how they impact upon ourselves and others, connection to spirit, the divine essence of who we are, taping into the source of creation from which everything that exists has come from. It allows us to uncover and share our unique expression of that source with grace, clarity, and a deep sense of pure joy and gratitude. 

I look forward to sharing and welcome EVERYONE to the mat.


Joh - Yoga Instructor

My Yoga journey started twenty years ago, when I walked into my first Yoga class in a gym. Unbeknown to me, it was going to change my life.

I was working in banking, an industry unsuitable to my person. In the back of my mind, I longed to teach Yoga. Twelve years after that first Yoga class, I decided to go to India, to study and train in Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. It opened my life and self to a whole new dimension of life that I was hardly aware of. Since then, I completed three teacher trainings and Therapy graduate certification. I enjoyed every bit of it and long for more knowledge of, exposure to and immersion into this Yogic world.

I trained locally on the Coast for my 200-hour teacher training in Vinyasa, went back to India to complete my 300-hour teacher training in traditional Yoga. A year later, I was back in India once again to complete my 300-hour Yoga Therapy teacher training. In the year of Covid, in November 2020, I have only just completed my graduate certificate in Yoga Therapy in Brisbane.

The practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, including meditation, have helped me a lot with my own health weaknesses; back, Asthma, allergy, headaches. Because of them, I have become more aware of my body and my mind. I can self-regulate and self-heal. This is what I teach and impart to my students and clients.

My life purpose before Yoga was obscure and unknown. I now believe that there is a lot more clarity to it. It includes teaching Yoga and providing therapeutic help for whoever is seeking. Looking forward to joining you on the mat and diving into the yogic practices.

Mary-Ann - Instructor

I first experienced yoga in the womb. My mother practiced yoga while pregnant, and still does. After 6 years of practicing “casually”, Mom encouraged me to show up to take one of the infamous, Tammy Williams’ yoga class at Moffat Beach. From there this changed my mind, body and heart……….….to think, feel and love differently. 

From there, in 2011, I began my journey of becoming a Power Yoga teacher with Tammy Williams (Yoga NRG) and Duncan Peak (Power Living Australia). My life changed from there, my journey to becoming the human I am today is simply breathing. This only encouraged a curious interest into self-development, and growth. I feel yoga has given permission to accept ME, to BE in my truth, and find a peace-filled life every day. Yoga has given this space to make and support these necessary changes. 

Teaching yoga provides me with an immediate connection with whoever shows up, offering a challenging, invigorating yet accepting, and calming space to practice and find their own space. Empowering those who show up to give themselves permission to have stillness through

movement – a complete body mind connection.    

My journey as a teacher has evolved over the past 9 years, increasing my learning and my love for the limbs and elements of yoga. I have since completed other teacher training in Pre & Post-natal, Kids, Long Slow Deep, and Yoga for Pain Care. I’ve an invested interest in health and bodywork which has lead me to become a Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and Mindfulness Coach.

Over the past year, my yoga practice has changed to ready my body and my mind, as my husband and I wanted to start the journey to fall pregnant; we are beautifully blessed with my first pregnancy and baby is due in March 2021.

Yoga and mindfulness has been such a blessing for my own life journey, it’s changed the way I live.

What is your favourite yoga pose? I have two - Savasana (Corpse) and Eka Pada Raja Kopatasana (One-Legged King Pigeon).

What's your advice for Yoga's students? Mindfully move with your own breath and your own strength, we are all strong and vulnerable. We are all at different stages of our life journey, our bodies are all different and most importantly, nothing remains the same.

What obstacles has yoga helped you overcome? Striving, grasping for something else – judging myself and others - patience in the process – being able to love me unconditionally.

What is the most rewarding part of being a teacher? The laughter through the class – when the pose is challenging, still being able to see the lightness of life and be OK to be messy and the peaceful, awe-inspiring silence after savasana. 

What is your favourite quote? I’ve two, “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”, Mahatma Gandhi, and “If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place, Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change”, Michael Jackson