Benefits of Chanting Mantra.

Soothes all our bodily systems

Reorganizes the nervous system and psyche

Activates the body's natural healing process. 

Helps facilitate movement and flow of the body during exercise.

Helps block the release of stress hormones and increases immune function.

Promotes a sense of well-being and helps us bond better with people around us.

Brings about a transformation that leads us closer to the Divine.

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Pranayama Workshop with Gongs

The Breath is always reflecting back at us the mental landscape, the emotional and the physical body. If the breath is laboured there is much that these aspects of ourselves require assistance to be released and if the breath is fluid, abundant these aspects of ourselves have found space to be free. This is just touching a surface level of the power our breath has in facilitating ones own freedom and harmony. 

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A Summer 4hr Yin Infusion exploring from the heart will be a soothing and contemplative practice that invites you to balance this outward focus with an inward glance. The boundless heart from our earliest development in the womb reaches into our hands and therefore are a direct extension of our hearts. Everything we touch can be infused with the qualities of the heart space. To engage with the world with open integrity we must build an open heart. Nurturing the heart and the small intestines is the conjunction between our outward and inward natures currently. Our understanding of staying connected to our centre extends well beyond physical mechanical functions as TCM perspective is that our heart houses our ‘Shen’ or our spirit and is considered to be the home of our harmony and in essence the control centre of all activity. Revealing the nature that is soft but fiery within, can transform our interactions subtly in each moment and with life.

 Join Kate Christensen & Selina Stewart for a rekindling of the season, elements, body, breath and heart.  book to confirm your spot.

What is  Yin Yoga  - Yin Yoga is deeply rooted in TCM aspects and a somatic approach to dive inward more passively and connect to the subtle body. This always begins with gentleness, so the individual feels safe to explore arising emotions, feelings and thoughts that may be uncomfortable at times to sit with. 

The Yin Yoga practice is reflecting the statement that less is more and is scientifically proven as a form of therapy for trauma, stress, and rehabilitation. So the aim is to allow the participant to be guided or invited into postures that best suit their body shape, with the support of some or many props. This helps the individual feel a sense of comfort and rest while meeting themselves with where they are at in the moment. Our body has an opportunity to heal when it returns to wholeness. 

This stasis is our natural state of being, but through life experiences and circumstances we become fragmented which can close off parts of ourselves, that at the time, may have served us to survive or protect ourselves or to keep us safe in some particular way. This practice helps us to assist these aspects of ourselves in being heard and feeling held and see ourselves from a different perspective.

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