4hr Yin Infusion

This Spring 4hr Yin Infusion is an offering for rebirth, for dynamatic change and as in nature (and in us) a potent time to bloom. The element of WOOD governs the liver and gallbladder thus offers us energising renewal, powerful expansion & transformative growth. This season offers an opportunity to release any stagnant, tired energy left over from the cooler months, to detoxify the old to make way for the new & to reawaken after rest. A period to ‘deep clean’, clear out & cleanse. WOOD is about growth & balance. It provides the propulsion of change, the momentum to move forwards to connect with the future, the ability to adapt & manifest our true self in the world. This is a time to plant the seeds of intention for future harvests, to create & design plans, ideas & direction & to pattern a new way of thinking & being. Join Kate Christensen & Selina Stewart for a rekindling of season, elements, body, breath and heart. Supper and chai is provided in this workshop.

Organs of origin are; 

Liver- Ensures a smooth flow of Qi (& emotions) by regulating movement of Qi to all other organs, stores & cleanses/filters & distributes blood.  The liver aids digestion & regulates menstruation as well as oversees the health of tendons/ligaments ensuring fluidity of movement & flexibility. The liver helps our Qi to inform optimal bodily functions & process our emotions.

Gall bladder- The lymphatic system organ. Supports Liver by dealing with waste products, produces bile to help metabolize & absorb fats, supports lymph function by keeping it clean & is important for tendons/Ligament health.

The Gallbladder helps us to make decisions & evaluate. It organizes & coordinates every plan we make, every goal we aspire to from the minutest choices, even those that are made unconsciously, to our highest conscious aspirations.  Every intercellular exchange or bodily function follows a design, which the Liver Qi has planned & the Gallbladder has carried out.

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Pranayama Workshop with Gongs

The Breath is always reflecting back at us the mental landscape, the emotional and the physical body. If the breath is laboured there is much that these aspects of ourselves require assistance to be released and if the breath is fluid, abundant these aspects of ourselves have found space to be free. This is just touching a surface level of the power our breath has in facilitating ones own freedom and harmony. 

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Sound Immersion

Sound Healing Journey with Dubarray - Relax and let go completely, let the soothing sounds wash over you and carry you on a journey to stillness and bliss. Dubarray's Sound Healing journey is a unique experience of the power of sound vibration. Binaural beats, angelic vocals and grounding rhythms with the digeridoo, crystal Bowls,  hand pan and more create powerful soundscapes to unblock energy and vibrate your body into a state of well-being and harmony.  People report various effects from the session including, complete relaxation, feeling "Clear", reduced pain & stress, restful sleep for the nights after, Altered states of consciousness, Balancing of Chakras/Energy, Clarity/Resolution of difficult situations. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity.

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Benefits of Chanting Mantra.

Soothes all our bodily systems

Reorganises the nervous system and psyche

Activates the body's natural healing process. 

Helps facilitate movement and flow of the body during exercise.

Helps block the release of stress hormones and increases immune function.

Promotes a sense of well-being and helps us bond better with people around us.

Brings about a transformation that leads us closer to the Divine.

Gong Sound Bath

Sound healing is the process in which a practitioner uses all (or specific) aspects of music — including the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, social, mental, and superficial — to improve the health of their patient. Sound healing therapy improves many facets of the patient’s life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological and psychiatric health. Healing with sounds happens by  produced vibrational sound waves that are said to induce positive brainwaves and alter our mood. 

Healing with sound can improve:

  • Psychological/Psychiatric, behavioural disorders including autism, depression, learning disabilities and developmental troubles
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Pain
  • Mood swings, or negative emotions, such as sadness, aggravation, anger, self-pity, and heartbreak.

It can also bring about:

  • Clarity and balance
  • Relaxation
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Improved sleep (both in quality and quantity)
  • A stronger immune system
  • Improved creativity
  • Heightened awareness, both of the self and the environment



Luxuriate your whole being in a 4hr Yin Infusion this February Saturday 27th at 2:00pm. Kate Christensen, a very talented teacher of Yin Yoga specialising in Qi Gong, and I have designed an escape filled with many offerings that harmonise with the season, elements and energies that are finding their rhythms at this time. A closing of Summer and an entering of Autumn facilitates new patterns of movement in nature and in our physical bodies and energy body. Learn to listen to what is calling you whilst your more subtle needs are met willingly and openly. You will be leaving the body completely replenished and well equipped for change ahead. Spaces are limited for this workshop so please book to confirm your spot.

What is  Yin Yoga  - Yin Yoga is deeply rooted in TCM aspects and a somatic approach to dive inward more passively and connect to the subtle body. This always begins with gentleness, so the individual feels safe to explore arising emotions, feelings and thoughts that may be uncomfortable at times to sit with. 

The Yin Yoga practice is reflecting the statement that less is more and is scientifically proven as a form of therapy for trauma, stress, and rehabilitation. So the aim is to allow the participant to be guided or invited into postures that best suit their body shape, with the support of some or many props. This helps the individual feel a sense of comfort and rest while meeting themselves with where they are at in the moment. Our body has an opportunity to heal when it returns to wholeness. 

This stasis is our natural state of being, but through life experiences and circumstances we become fragmented which can close off parts of ourselves, that at the time, may have served us to survive or protect ourselves or to keep us safe in some particular way. This practice helps us to assist these aspects of ourselves in being heard and feeling held and see ourselves from a different perspective.

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